Voice Change – Try the Safe Way!


Voice ChangeThere are so many people in this world who would like to change their voice with the help of the surgical means. Well, for these people there is something called voice change surgery available and this sort of surgery is exactly going high on demand among the transgender. These people are now trying to acquire the shape, voice and dressing style of their opposite sex and they may need such type of surgery to a great extent either to become male or female. This type of surgery can be performed under the effects of local anesthesia and so many clinics are involved in this business. As far as the technique of such surgery is concerned, it will work directly on your pitch which is responsible to generate the voice. There are few factors the surgeons will take into consideration while accomplishing this voice change surgery and these are:


 Voice Change


  • Vocal register
  • Intensity
  • Vocal tract resonance


As far as the mechanical properties of the vocal cord are concerned these elements will be altered in order to achieve a modification in the pitch. This can be achieved directly by scarring the procedure for the cords. At the same time such procedure can be accomplished with a safely manner by indirect cricothyroid approximation. Voice change surgery is the surgery for the patients who are having the voice consistently sounding masculine, and after trying with the speech therapist; as well as want to change to the higher voice pitch, and thus sounding feminine.


Surgery is done in the outpatient setting in general anesthesia and when you are asleep, the incision is been placed parallel to and in the skin crease of neck over Adam’s Apple. Front of voice box is then removed and making your voice box smaller. (It removes projection of Adam’s Apple thus it is not essential to have the separate “tracheal shave” method.) Vocal cords are after that stretched and front third to the half of cords are removed for shortening them. Small metal plate is then used over voice box to keep the tension on vocal cords and hold an incised cartilage together at time of healing period. Also, it is the small plate as well as stays in proper place when everything is been healed.


The thyrohyoid elevation might as well get performed to try to raise voice box in neck. In order, to shorten pharynx to feminize the portion of resonance chamber (pharynx) and thyrohyoid elevation comprises of passing the sutures around hyoid bone for holding voice box in the elevated position in neck.


Patient must rest the voice totally, and avoid all types of the verbal communication for two weeks. Also, there are very few sutures that are holding vocal cords in proper place, until body’s own scar tissue will help to support them. Speaking, or even whispering might make sutures pull out. Patient must avoid strenuous activities for one month or must try to stay for 2 weeks after surgery.

Voice Change