Uterine Suspension – Find Relief from the Pain!


Uterine suspension is a kind of surgical procedure that can be used to get relief from the pelvic pain. When the surgeons are finding that the pain has been raised due to the effect of uterine retroversion and this is also known as the tilted uterus or tipped uterus. Usually doctors are using two methods to accomplish such uterine suspension surgery and these are:


  • Laparotomy
  • Laparoscopy


Uterine suspension like surgeries can sometime come into use in order to increase the fertility of a woman. Well, in this regard such surgery has managed to draw some kind of controversies because there is hardly any prove that such surgery can really develop the fertility in women. However, the uterine suspension has been into use in order to treat the pelvic pain which is common to occur during the intercourse. It can be used to rectify the position of the uterus that may tilt away from the midline and towards the back of the vaginal wall. Sometime the doctors may suggest the patient to opt for the vaginal passery before the uterine suspension like surgery in order to rectify the uterine position. If the vaginal passery will not relieve the pain, then the uterine suspension surgery will be applied to add relief for the patient.


What do you mean by “Uterine Suspension”?

Uterine Suspension is the surgical procedure, which is been used to relieve the pelvic pain or else dyspareunia (painful intercourse) when pain is thought being a result of the uterine retroversion (known as the “tilted uterus,” retroverted uterus or “tipped uterus”).  Normally, there are 2 methods, which are been used to accomplish the Uterine Suspension surgery;  laparotomy or  laparoscopy.


Uterine Suspension is at times been used to increase the fertility though it is controversial & has never been shown for increasing one’s chances to become pregnant.


What conditions can Uterine Suspension treat?

The Uterine Suspension is been used for treating the pelvic pain & dyspareunia (painful intercourse). Also, it is been used to correct position of the uterus, which has tilted away from midline & toward your back.  At times, prior to Uterine Suspension surgery, doctor might ask patient to try the vaginal pessary in attempt to correct the uterine position.  If vaginal pessary doesn’t relieve any pain, and then Uterine Suspension surgery is a next best course of the action. The Uterine prolapse happens when womb slips down from the normal position in vagina. The uterine suspension sling that involves operation to insert the piece of material with an aim to hold womb in proper place. In general, without specific details of surgery, How long and how many years the suspension of uterus last? And does suspension will last you for the life time? I had incision in abdomen above pubic hair as well as mesh material that was added giving holdup strength. I wondered what an average is you see?

Uterine Suspension