Sigmoid Colon/ Rectosigmoid Vaginoplasty/ Rectosigmoid in Thailand


Rectosigmoid in ThailandThe Sigmoid Colon surgery in Thailand seems to be drawing more response. Colon is a part of the large intestine that is located close to the rectum and anus. The loop averages will be 40cm in length. Normally the pelvis uses to look for its account of freedom, so that the desired amount of movement can be achieved. It is liable to be displaced into abdominal cavity. It starts from the superior aperture of the lesser pelvis, where the iliac colons are continuously following up and transversely across the front of the sacrum from the right side of the pelvis.


There are some processes that are always needed for the Rectosigmoid Vaginoplasty in Thailand. It is a continuous project. You can find out this type of surgery is common in Thailand. This type of work can be done in 2 to 3 years. The main depth or width of the vaginoplasty will stay between 12.5 cm and 3.9 cm. so you will motivate to change your sex or live for dual personality, then you can change your Rectosigmoid in Thailand.


The major of this process is colon. It is a part of the digestive system in most vertebrates. It extracts the water, and salt from the solid wastes at the time of body cleansing. It is not a measure case for the living of dual personality in but it absorbers all the liquid assets. While you move for these things, you can consult with your doctor to draw better results for Rectosigmoid in Thailand.


Sigmoid colon has specialized job to contract vigorously to maintain the high pressure. The action regulates movement of stool in rectum. And as sigmoid is high pressure part of colon, it is that most diverticuli happen. Lots of methods are been used for the vaginoplasty, which includes split thickness skin graft, full thickness skin graft, as well as inverted penile flap. But, the procedures are not totally satisfactory in cases of the reconstructed vaginal stenosis, and inadequate vaginal length, and poor lubrication. Small intestine, ascending the colon, as well as sigmoid colon is used in intestinal flap method, as wel as authors modified operation first described by Baldwin where loop of Rectosigmoid in Thailand is isolated, and closed at an end, as well as brought down on vascular pedicle as neovagina & then anastomosed to perineum.


Vaginoplasty using Rectosigmoid in Thailand was performed in around 36 patients (28 male to female transsexual patients, 5 patients with the congenital vaginal atresia, as well as 3 with the cervical cancer). Follow up period ranged from 1 – 10 years. Postoperative results were been analyzed through the physical examination as well as interview about patient’s functional status & satisfaction during the sexual intercourse. Mean depth & width of vaginal cavity were around 12.5 cm & 3.9 cm, respectively. The excessive mucosal discharge was then seen at 8.3 percent, as well as malodor was been found in 8.3 percent.

Sigmoid Colon/ Rectosigmoid Vaginoplasty/ Rectosigmoid in Thailand