Metoidioplasty Thailand – Perfect for Trans Men!


Metoidioplasty ThailandThese days, people are becoming more and more concern about their sexual presence on this earth! Due to such reason they are trying really hard to feel their life at the most and in this regard the technology is certainly offering them more help in this regard. At the same time Metoidioplasty Thailand is also gaining more and more popularity due to its offering of effective as well as quick results for people that simply want to live the trans men trend. Often Metoidioplasty has been termed as the meto or the meta and this is a perfect alternative for the phalloplasty for trans men. Due to the testosterone effects the clitoris may get enlarge and at the same time and it may grow from four to five cm. As per the methods of the Metoidioplasty Thailand, the enlarged tissues of the clitoris will be released from its original position and it will move forward to get closely located the position of the penis. Dr. William David Foerster was the first surgeon from Oklahoma, who first performed this type of surgery and he has successfully accomplished the operation for trans men.


 Metoidioplasty Thailand


Metoidioplasty Thailand is a technically simple concept. It is simpler than the phalloplasty and got fewer complications. The surgery will be carried for less time, usually for two to three hours, and it may extend for eight to ten hours in some cases. Metoidioplasty Thailand is an inexpensive surgical procedure. This sort of surgical process has managed to draw enough response from the trans men group in the society.  Metoidioplasty’, at times referred to as ‘meto’ or ‘meta’, is alternative to phalloplasty for the Transmen. With effects of the testosterone treatment, clitoris enlarges, and over time, to average of around 4-5 cm. In the ‘metoidioplasty’ enlarged clitoris is been released from the position & moved forward to closely approximate position of the normal penis. In a few cases urethra is been lengthened to end at a tip of neophallus. Clitoris & penis are developmentally organs and labia majora is united to form scrotum, where the prosthetic testicles (generally made of the silicone) are inserted.


This method is technically easier than the phalloplasty, as well as has lesser complications. The surgery itself is considerably shorter (1 to 2 hours vs. 8 to 10 hours) and it is less expensive (maybe US$15,000 instead US$85,000). Not like phalloplasty, the erectile prosthesis is generally not required to achieve erection. Clitoris has erectile tissue that responds to the sexual arousal. In most of the cisgender females, clitoris is very small for person to detect the erectile change significantly. In the transmen as well as other female bodied people and whose clitoris is much larger, this might be visually apparent since it is in the cisgender men. If metoidioplasty is performed without urethral lengthening and scrotoplasty (formation of scrotum from the majora), it is at times named ‘clitoral release’.

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