Labiaplasty – Women Want to Stay Virgin!       


Labiaplasty Labiaplasty has been considering as the female cosmetic surgical method that also includes surgical means like vaginoplasty and clitoral unhooding. These types of surgical processes are now drawing more and more reputation among women in this world due to their effective results and utmost clearance about the whole process. This work has been performed by many surgeons with an easy approach and exactly drawing more and more popularity across the globe. These procedures have been termed as the most constructive as well as the most effective cosmetic surgical means through which desired objectives can be achieved with a better approach.


Labia surgery often involves the reduction of labia and vaginal rejuvenation and it can certainly make the vaginal region tight enough which use to get loosed after the intercourse or pregnancy. This sort of surgical means are becoming more and more common now day’s because so many women want to regain their lost feel and look of the vaginal region. This sort of surgical process can be accomplished along with the tummy tuck like procedures and breast augmentation so that the patient will save more time and money. There are several new techniques and high end tools have been implemented for the Labiaplasty in order to make such surgery successful and more effective.


Labiaplasty is the plastic surgery method, which reduces size of inner lips of vulva so they are much smaller than outer lips (labia majora). However, what in fact happens during the process?


Before Labiaplasty

1. Meet with plastic surgeon for the consultation.

2. See family doctor to ensure that you are healthy to have the surgery. This may mean to have blood work done and EKG that depends on age & medical history.

3. Book surgery when you are medically cleared.

4. At least six weeks before: stop smoking.

5. Ten days before: And avoid taking ibuprofen, aspirin, and other medication and herbal supplement, which may increase risk of bleeding and bruising.

6. One day before: Take any of the prescribed antibiotics.

7. Morning of: Shower & totally shave pubic area.


During Labiaplasty

1. You are given the general anesthetic in order to “knock out” before procedure, and the local anesthetic to numb area during (as well as for some hours after) the surgery.

2. The surgeon may mark to area being removed.

3. Exact procedure that you may undergo depends on surgeon & your individual requirements. There are 3 choices: Labiaplasty surgery are more affordable and than you think. An average price of the labiaplasty surgery will range from $3,000 to $6,000. Most of the plastic surgeons must give you exact estimate in case you send some photos. The price generally depends on in case you are getting the labia majora reduction, the labia minora reduction and both the labia majora and minora reduction. Never assume that because the surgery costs little more it is “good.” Surgeon who done my surgery, has more than 12 years of experience as well as graduated from the best universities in country, however what she charges is “cheap” when compared to some other surgeons.

Booking Labiaplasty