Hymen Reconstruction – Maintain Your Virginity!

Hymen ReconstructionWell, it’s the virginity of a woman that seems to be the most important factor for most of the religions across the globe. There are so man traditional means where the virginity of a woman will be taken into account so that the social life can be made better. These days, too such traditional means exists and that’s the exact reason which has offered enough boost for the hymen reconstruction like surgical procedures and now accepted across the globe. Virginity of the woman is having enough importance for the religious, social and economic means.


Hymen will get disrupted once the first intercourse will took place. There are also few cases where it has been found that women have lost their virginity or the hymen got disrupted due to the strong physical activities. It can bring in more strain for the hymen and that may get disrupted. However, this is also a kind of ashamed factor for a woman to let her boyfriend or future husband know that her hymen is no longer exist. If you really want to restore your virginity, then hymen reconstruction is the single most effective method for which you can opt for. There are few types of hymen reconstruction surgeries and these are hymenoplasty and alloplant.


Hymen Reconstruction : thin membrane in vagina

Hymen is the thin, and delicate membrane and you may compare that to skin however much thinner & consisting of the elastic & fibrous tissue. It covers opening of vagina in most of the girls. It is the remnant from development as the foetus, of membranes of vagina & urogenital sinus at the point of fusion.


In the younger women, hymen is vascular and in the menopausal women it has now become thin. In the adult virginal women, hymen surrounds vaginal opening more and less completely.


Function of Hymen Reconstruction

Biological function of human hymen is uncertain and scientists hypothesize it protects vagina from the infection in infants. Also, it has incomplete, to allow outflow of the menstrual blood at an onset of the puberty. Social function of hymen, is still the mythical symbol of the virginity in a lot of cultures.


Rupture of Hymen Reconstruction

Rupture of hymen generally happens during the first intercourse or rape. However, many girls & teens tear, and dilate, the hymen for instance:


* During the sports such as bicycling, gymnastics, horseback riding, and so on.

* Inserting tampons.


Girl might not be aware that the hymen tear has happened, as there are little and no blood loss, and pain.


Hymen generally tears posteriorly or else posterolaterally in 2 and more portions. Commonly, the rupture of hymen is accompanied by the slight bleeding that stops spontaneously. Occasionally, the larger vessel will bleed profusely, and possibly even leading to shock & requiring blood transfusion. In severe cases, the bleeding will usually get controlled by applying the direct pressure to bleeding point. Very rarely surgical help is needed.

Hymen Reconstruction