Female To Male Thailand  (with Phalloplasty)  – Be a Male!


Female to male Thailand There are so many surgeons now day’s involved in the phalloplasty operation. These surgeons are drawing a god business, as the people’s demand for such operation seems to be going too high. Female to male Thailand (with Phalloplasty)  is the surgical process that seems to be perfect enough for both the child and adult patients that are in need for male genital change, which also comprises of the surgeries that are related to congenital anomalies, iatrogenic, accidental and intentional penile trauma. These are the medical conditions that are also know as the micropenis syndrome and that can be treated successful with the help of the female to male (with Phalloplasty) Thailand.


There are different procedures involve to maintain or enhance the length of the micro penis through the phalloplasty. And among all these procedures, it’s the tissue engineering with biodegradable scaffolds that seem to be too drawing more acceptances from the surgeons as well as from the patients. As far as the final stage of the gender reassignment is concerned, the female to male Thailand  (with Phalloplasty) will directly come into act. There are various types of female to male Thailand  (with Phalloplasty) . Before the surgery the surgeons will counsel patients thoroughly and they will look at the photos related to the surgery and the technique. And the surgeons will also ask the patients about the past surgeries. The key objective of such surgery is to make the penis void and stand that will work better during the intercourse and such surgery will add a solid cosmetically acceptable phallus.


 Female to male Thailand


Final stage of the gender reassignment in the female to male Thailand  (with Phalloplasty) gender reassignment and there are different kinds. All patients must be completely counselled, shown photographs of techniques and, in case possible, discuss with the patients who had the different operations. Main objective is to stand & void, have the penetrative sexual intercourse & to have good cosmetically acceptable phallus.


Various kinds include metatoidioplasty that involes bringing urethral meatus forwards to tip of a clitoris, and extending clitoris to allow the patients stand to void. Just about 50% of the patients will manage this and total phalloplasty is either raised from abdominal skin or else from arm (forearm free flap). Superior female to male Thailand  (with Phalloplasty)  with regards to the urinary function is forearm free flap phalloplasty that has better cosmetic appearance & is sensate. Urethral complications with the procedure is less than with pubic variety, though the scars with latter are all hidden below belt. Both kinds of the phalloplasty may allow insertion of the penile prosthesis for the penetrative sexual intercourse & it is very important that the inflatable variety is been used, since this may reduce the post operative complications like erosion. Testicular implants will improve cosmetic appearance as sculpture of glans penis giving the reliable looking phallus. More than 200 pubic phalloplasties & 50 forearm flap procedures have been performed & results & complications are discussed.

Female to male Thailand