Adam’s apple Contouring Thailand – Say Bye-Bye To That Big Projection

Adam’s apple Contouring ThailandThese days, Adam’s apple contouring Thailand is really popular. People from all around the world come to this beautiful country for thyroid cartilage treatment. There are many people those fears to undergo this treatment. But the truth is that it is safe and the surgery takes couple of hours. There are many women and men those feel unhappy with thyroid cartilage projection. In order to avoid this they go for Adam’s apple contouring Thailand. Adam’s apple contouring is also known as tracheal shave and mostly the male gender undergoes this procedure. But often, the female race also faces this problem. If you are facing the same type of issue and want to get rid of it, then go for Adam’s apple contouring Thailand. This is a smart way to say bye-bye to that big projection that often makes you feel awkward. There is nothing to fear, as this is an uncomplicated surgery. Just the extra projection is removed by making a small incision.

Swelling and pain is really less and you can get healed within few days. Today, Adam’s apple contouring Thailand is attracting huge numbers of people from all around the world. Take the help of the Internet to know more on this smart surgery technique. People from different race and different places prefer to move for Thailand so that they can get rid of that unwanted projection. However, it’s the Adam’s apple contouring Thailand seems to be all set to deliver patients better results that will lasts for a long time. Prominent thyroid cartilage is often the constant embarrassment to male transsexual. Demand to reduce & contour prominent Adam’s apple contouring Thailand continues to increase in series. Results of the operation are very effective, satisfying as well as long lasting.


Surgical method (Adam’s apple Contouring Thailand)


  • Poecedure is done as the outpatinet surgery and sedation might as well be given so that you are comfortable & relaxed during procedure.
  • Mini incision (2 to 2.5 cm ) is placed on the upper crease of the neck skin below the submental area, as in most of the cases scar is imperceptible.
  • Thyroid cartilage is then exposed & marked with the cautarization.
  • Thyroid cartilage is then reduced, generally by shaving at a most prominent area & rim of the upper border. Thyroid cartilage contouring is delicate process & have to be done meticulously particularly for people who have calcified cartilage because of aging process.
  • Bleeding points are very carefully checked & stopped.
  • It takes 3/4 hour completing this surgery.

Postoperative recovery

  1. During first 24 to 48 hours, you might experience a few swelling. Some patients might have the mild voice weakness in first days following surgery, however it is not the significant long term problem.
  2. Ice pack applied to treated area for couple of day is recommended.
  3. Your voice might change in case of the over dissection and it is very important to reduce cartilage enough to reduce prominence & not over resection.

 Adam’s apple Contouring Thailand