Hair Treatment and Restoration Center – Select the Best One!


Hair Treatment and RestorationAre you considering a hair transplant? If so, then you need to become really careful about the whole process. Whether it’s all about selecting the right hair treatment and restoration center or its all about moving for the right surgeon or experts in this filed, you need to keep track of things perfectly before you opt for the hair replacement. Most of the time people use to come across some kind of complicacies after the hair restoration because they have ignored the above mentioned facts.


But this time you can opt for a perfect hair treatment and restoration center and can make things happening for you. As far as the surgeons and hair restoration processes are concerned, these elements will vary from one center to the other. There are so many sites on the internet are simply hyping their hair restoration services in order to draw more responses. But you need to research properly about their process and the surgeons involved in the process and then you may take the decision about your hair transplantation. First of all you need to know why you have lost the hair. Knowing the exact cause of hair loss will allow you to select the right kind of hair treatment and restoration center.


Is Hair Treatment and Restoration same length as the existing hair?

Hair is first clipped to 1 mm before it’s transplanted. Transplanted hair may look like stubble the first few weeks when hair restoration procedure is done. It is after that, shed & newly transplanted follicles that go in resting phase for around 2 months.


At around ten weeks after hair transplant, follicles may gradually begin to produce the new hair. They then start out as the fine hair and after that increase gradually in the thickness & in the length. Process takes around six months, with the full growth about a year after hair restoration method.


Hair restoration method of the Follicular Unit Transplantation & Follicular Unit Extraction are done at Medical in office facilities in the local anesthesia. The Hair transplant sessions, which involve movement of many small follicular unit grafts that might take whole day, however time goes by as fast as the patients rest comfortably at time of hair loss surgery; watching TV, chatting with staff and taking a nap.


Perception that the people might have of the hair transplant, and where patients leave office with heads wrapped in the bandages & have bleeding & pain, is from older, and plug techniques. In the modern follicular unit the hair transplantation, and hair surgery patients generally leave office with just the hat & headband and can shower & shampoo hair a day after the hair restoration surgery. When the method there is just a few discomfort, which is well treated with the oral medications, also there is no bleeding. The new hair growth begins to appear 2 – 3 months after the hair surgery & is normally complete in 10 – 12 months.

 Hair Treatment and Restoration