Chin shaving Thailand / Bone Contouring Thailand – Unique Surgical Process


Chin shaving ThailandThese days, men trying to draw the feminine look and the ratio for such people in this world seems to be growing day by day. Well, it’s the modern day’s thoughts and the high-end technology that are certainly propelling people to think in such ways. Somehow people want to change their lifestyle and want to live like both man and woman in this single life. Well, the medical or surgical processes seems to be helping a lot to people in this regard as the Chin shaving Thailand / bone contouring Thailand has come into existence due to such increasing demand from men to draw a feminine look. This is a kind of facial feminization process or the surgery that can change the overall look and shape of the chin either through shaving or implants. The shape of the chin varies a lot between men and women.


So, this is exactly becoming important for you to look through the gender recognition. As per the common notion, the male chin is wider and higher and the female chin use to be narrow and pointed. Chin shaving Thailand / bone contouring Thailand is the surgical process that can change the chin shape to enhance the facial appearance and it can certainly feminize the lower face. This sort of feminization surgery may need a small implant and for that reason extensive bones cuts needed for repositioning. In order to find out more details about Chin shaving Thailand  / bone contouring Thailand you can take help from the online world where different sites have mentioned enough details about this effective as well as unique surgical procedure.


Shape & size of average female chin vary from one of average male chin and it generally tends being smaller, in width & height. It tends being rounded or pointed vertex of facial frame, while the typical male chin that tends being more “square”.

In a few cases, the male chins have vertical crease in middle, generally known as the cleft chin, and it is not usual in women. Fortunately, chin is facial area with the features that is modified through surgery: width, height, and projection.


According to facial characteristics of every patient, surgeon may evaluate which of following procedures or else which combination will be most adequate.

Placement of the solid implant:

Surgery is been used when chin just needs to give more projection or else made pointier. Implants are made of the solid silicone or else porous polyethylene (Medpor). Both these materials are popular & suitable for the Facial Feminization Surgery.

Chin shaving Thailand / bone contouring Thailand

Surgery is been used when chin needs change in shape & size to get more female facial balance, however projection is okay. The electric saws & grinders (drills) designed for the cranio facial surgery are been used.


Sliding genioplasty:


Surgery changes height & projection of chin in one move that in turn will alter whole facial tallness & balance of facial profile. The sloping cut is been made across chin bone for separating lower section that is shaped like horseshoe.

Chin shaving Thailand / bone contouring Thailand