Mastectomy Thailand – Treat Breast Cancer Effectively!


Mastectomy ThailandThere are several ways that people can follow in order to enhance their look, physical appearance and their overall health condition. Most of the time current day’s high end technology is helping a lot to people when they are trying to achieve such target. As far as the medical science is concerned, Mastectomy Thailand has been termed as the medical procedure through which the surgical process will be applied for the removal of one or both the breasts. Sometime women may want to remove their breasts fully or partially and that’s the time when Mastectomy Thailand can bring in more good results for them. People that are suffering form breast cancer, always tend to opt for the Mastectomy Thailand so that they can draw full relief from their physical problem. In some cases both the men and women have been diagnosed with serious breast cancer issues. It’s the perfect time when one can opt for the Mastectomy Thailand like surgical procedure and can remove the breast to get rid of breast cancer. This is a good method through which you can prevent the breast cancer from the core.


Removal of breast cancer cells in men is always possible through the Mastectomy Thailand. In the case of breast cancer the whole breast can be removed with the help of the Mastectomy Thailand. The decision for performing Mastectomy Thailand will be based on different factors such as the breast size, number of lesions and biologic aggressiveness of the breast cancer. This is an effective surgical procedure that can negotiate with breast cancer successfully. The Mastectomy Thailand is removal of the breast tissue because of presence of the cancerous or else precancerous growth. Amount of the tissue removed during the Mastectomy Thailand procedure varies. Also, there are many kinds of the mastectomies that are performed. Type, which is best for you generally depends on lots of factors, which includes size & stage of cancer, and your particular anatomy & preferences.


Most common mastectomy methods are: modified radical mastectomy that entails removing breast, the tissues, nipple areola and lymph nodes that are found in armpit. The procedure leaves pectoralis major, large muscle situated on chest wall, intact. Ssimple mastectomy involves removal of breast tissue & at times lymph nodes. The lumpectomy is most conservative surgical methods and it calls for removal of tumor itself and surrounding margins, and preserving majority of breast and the tissues.


Physician Roles: Who is involved with Mastectomy Thailand treatment


During course of the treatment for the breast cancer, there are many various physicians who are working together planning the mastectomy & reconstruction procedure to give you best possible result. And they are:

* General Surgeon – Performs biopsy of breast tumor & mastectomy, or else lumpectomy.

* Pathologist – Studies tumor to determine degree of the malignancy

* Medical Oncologist –He administers anticancer drugs and chemotherapy

* Radiation Oncologist – Administers the radiation therapy

* Plastic Surgeon – He will perform the breast reconstruction

 Mastectomy Thailand