SRS At Thailand – A Renowned Medical Treatment Process!

SRS at ThailandNow days nothing is impossible for the modern men! In every sector’s now human have managed to get the top position. In the medical field there are many critical surgeries available that can be done easily. SRS is the major surgery, which is also known as the Sex reassignment surgery. These surgeries are helpful for those persons who physically and mentally ready to change their sex. Basically SRS at Thailand is so famous, where are many skilled physicians doing more than thousands of successful surgeries.

Rudolf is the first person of the world, which managed to change his sex in 1921 and makes a revolution in the field of Sex reassignment surgery. After that his character was enfeebled but the homosexual personality and his own feeling remain the same. It is also a fashion for the modern person, who wants to feel both sexes felling in their lifetime. He was success in SRS surgery but this step is enough for all the people across the world to awes about the surgery. SRS at Thailand has gained more popularity due to world-class surgeon that have got mastery in their profession.

Thailand is a unique place on the world map. This is like a tourist place for those persons who are really interested to change their sex. There are many sites also available in the Internet, which are providing much information about the SRS at Thailand. There are also some medical institutions, which are providing sex reassignment surgery special course to teach the world over students. SRS at Thailand makes the revolution in the world of medical treatment.


Long and Short of it (SRS At Thailand )


Contrary to the popular belief, penis is not at all amputated during the SRS at Thailand. Rather, internal penile tissue is removed, however outer skin is been left attached, inverted as well as inserted in body inside out as a new vagina. Testicles are removed, however scrotal tissue is left attached & used to fashion vaginal lips or else labia through the standard plastic surgery methods.

Here is how that happens. When patient is prepped, sedated, or wheeled in operating room as well as anesthetized, doctor slits skin of a penis lengthwise from head or else glans down to base on underside. Skin is after that, peeled far away from penis, however since slit just opened a penis, base of skin is attached. Penile skin is after that, turned inside out, and much like one may turn the sock inside out. While this is done, slit is been stitched back together, and creating inverted penis, that may ultimately form new vagina. Priro to this happens, rather miraculous, still simple process is performed. Earlier, when internal penile tissue was been removed, the small stub of the tissue was left behind, and still attached. This is the erectile tissue that gets stiff when it is stimulated, and carries the sexual sensation. Tiny slit, perhaps half inch in length, is been made in new, and inverted penis near base where it is attached.


“Sex Change Thailand” or sex-correction is the medical and legal process transsexuals go through to change their sex. Gender-correction means that a person changes their body through surgery, hormones and vocal training to more closely match the person’s gender identity.


The word “sex change” can sometimes be misleading because a transsexual person can not change sex, but corrects the body and its legal gender to be more consistent with how you feel.


The physical sex change consists of several parts. You take hormones, leading to numerous bodily changes (chest and facial hair develops, for example) Testes and ovaries are roaring, male to female patients get breast implants, shave adam’s apple and possible facial feminization surgery to look more feminine. While female to male surgeries, would get breast and ovary removal as preparation for the big surgery.


A sex change requires an extensive study of doctoral and psychologists before the surgery. After surgery, patients must take their hormones for life.

SRS At Thailand